Hi, Hat Team. I'm a proud Champion of Midtown.
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Dear Valued Client and Friend:
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You are part of a movement:  the movement to keep Midtown Montgomery in its rightful position as the place to live, work, shop and recreate.  Like us, you are a Champion of Midtown.

So we intend to celebrate your support of this wonderful area and to thank you for supporting the Sandra Nickel Hat Team, which for 15-plus years has focused its energies on promoting Midtown, its homes and businesses.  Among others, our thanks will be demonstrated by:

  • A monthly drawing only open to Champions of Midtown for an award of significance.  Look for a special Email from us the fourth Tuesday of each month announcing the award and providing a link to a spot on our web site, www.HatTeam.com, where you can register to win.
  • Special events to which you, as a Champion of Midtown, will be invited.  You will either receive an Email, an invitation by snail-mail, or you will get a phone call from one of us.
  • Donations in your honor to local charitable endeavors.
  • Sponsorship of local happenings we think are important to Midtown.

Be sure to open any Email that comes from the Hat Team with the subject line, Hats Off to the Champions of Midtown.  And thanks for taking our call when it comes.

In the meantime, as a Champion of Midtown, continue to talk up Midtown Montgomery among your family, friends and business networks. Winners work together as a team for the good of all. Champions have the guts, despite opposition, to go on and just say, we will support, maintain and protect the cause. Our success will always be measured by your satisfaction, your happiness and your loyalty. We are all Champions of Midtown.

You probably have other ideas about how we might thank you for being a Champion of Midtown.  If you do, please Email or call us with your ideas.  You may speak to any member of the team.

Thanks—we appreciate you!

Sandra Nickel

Jim Nickel
Business Manager

Billy Young
Production Manager

Frank Powell
Senior Buyer Specialist

Lauren Layfield
Buyer Specialist